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Log Management Tools

Papertrailâ„¢ provides lightning-fast log management tools for search, live tail, flexible system groups, team-wide access, and integration with popular communications platforms like PagerDuty and Slack to help you quickly track down customer problems, debug app requests, or troubleshoot slow database queries. You can use Papertrail with a wide variety of log types, including syslog, text log files, Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Windows events, Tomcat, Heroku apps, routers, firewalls, and many more. Explore all the ways Papertrail tools for log management can help you realize value from the logs you already collect.

Safely Store Large Volumes of Log Data

Papertrail is a hosted log management solution that helps reduce the need for onsite storage while providing safe access to log data, as well as on-demand access to archive download.

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Consolidate Syslog Messages on the Cloud

Papertrail consolidates syslog events to a single cloud location, allowing you to access messages from a central interface.

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Host, Search, and Parse Your Syslog Messages

Papertrailâ„¢ logging tools allow you to host, consolidate, and quickly parse your syslogs messages. The Papertrail event viewer filters through the syslog messages in real time.

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Monitor Your Heroku Dynos and Infrastructure

Papertrail collects Heroku dyno and platform logs, as well as providing search and tail capabilities from both a web interface and a command-line interface (CLI).

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Unify and Manage All Your Log Sources

Aggregate, store, and manage logs in a central location with the Papertrail log management software, so you can deploy a resilient, enterprise-wide solution typically in minutes.

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Aggregate Logs from Across Your Infrastructure

Papertrail log management tools aggregate and store logs to make it easy to search and tail logs from a single interface, so you can see events as they occur.

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Automatically Scan and Analyze Your Logs

Papertrail automatically scans your logs and parses events for faster log analysis, allowing you to search, sort, and filter to quickly troubleshoot.

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Manage Application, Cloud, and Server Logs

Papertrail logging software allows you to consolidate your logs, view, search, and tail through events from a central view as well set infrastructure-wide log policies.

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Live Tail System and Application Logs

Papertrail allows you to tail multiple log sources in one interface with a single set of easy-to-understand commands with built-in filtering and searching.

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Aggregate, organize, and manage your logs

  • Collect real-time log data from your applications, servers, cloud services, and more
  • Search log messages to analyze and troubleshoot incidents, identify trends, and set alerts
  • Create comprehensive per-user access control policies, automated backups, and archives of up to a year of historical data

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