Aggregate all your logs, your own way.

1 Volume

  • 50 MB/month


  • 1 GB/month

    from $48/year from $5

  • 2 GB/month

    from $132/year from $12

  • 4 GB/month

    from $240/year from $22

  • 8 GB/month

    from $468/year from $42

  • 16 GB/month

    from $924/year from $82

  • 25 GB/month

    from $1,572/year from $138

  • 50 GB/month

    from $2,100/year from $185

  • 100 GB/month

    from $3,660/year from $325

  • 250 GB/month

    from $5,520/year from $485

  • 500 GB/month

    from $9,960/year from $875

  • 1000 GB/month

    from $16,620/year from $1,460

  • 1500 GB/month

    from $22,140/year from $1,945

2 Duration

Everyone gets 1 year archive, optional pay-as-you-go additional usage, and unlimited noise filtering. Just choose the searchable duration that's right for you.

4 weeks

2 weeks Most Popular

7 days

3 days

1 day

3 Start Logging


Don't see a perfect fit? Please let us know.

  • Intuitive Web-based log viewer
  • Powerful command-line tools
  • Long-term archive (S3)
  • Team-wide groups & searches
  • Automated export for reporting
  • Unlimited systems & users
  • Encrypted logging
  • Search alerts
  • How can I reach you? Email us. When we're awake, we're available.

  • What happens when the limit is reached? It's up to you. Logs can stop or can continue as a usage-based service (up to 200% extra, at 30% higher price per GB). You're always notified and can switch at any time.

  • How did you choose these durations? We used them. 3-7 days satisfied something like 97% of our own searches. Early users made the same observation. Archives worked well for the rest.

  • How is log transfer (GB) calculated? The length of the message, plus 50 bytes for metadata. 1 GB is 6.6 million 100-character messages. Transfer is measured monthly, so day-to-day variations are fine.

  • Can I search, analyze, and download archives? Yes. Archives are downloadable text files and are copied to Amazon S3. Our docs make it simple to analyze and search them: Redshift, Athena, Hadoop on EMR.

  • Can I log from my less-common network or app? If it has Internet access, the chances are very good. Yes to NAT, dynamic IPs, text log files, VMs, EC2, PaaS, and local collectors. Ask us or try it.