Do way more with your Heroku logs.

  • Retain more than 1,500 logs. Debug problems from an hour ago — or a week ago.

  • A tailored Heroku experience. Papertrail creates useful searches, like dyno errors (H10, HTTP 500) and code deploys.

  • Plays well with others. Slack, email, Amazon S3, PagerDuty, Redshift, Librato, Elastic MapReduce/Hadoop, Hipchat, Zapier, & more.

  • Realtime. Really. Tail and search logs as they happen.

Setup is one command:

heroku addons:add papertrail --app abc-123

Of course, it's free. No command-line handy? Activate on

In under 5 minutes, Papertrail helps you...

Tail and search logs in realtime

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See deployments and errors in a Slack channel

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Permanently archive and analyze years of logs in S3

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